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From Allen at Goodreads - gay science fiction group

Allured by the cover... I checked out Alien Quest on Amazon. I read the free peek, which is about 8 short chapters worth. Normally, I read the free or low cost SciFi, of which there is plenty, but after the "peek", I was hooked so I bought it. I realize that the target audience for male/male romance is limited so authors who write it must charge higher prices. That said... I loved it! It was worth every penny. The author's knowledge of the gay world creates a place that feels like home. The characters feel real as if the author himself has met aliens of his own. The Chicago scenes feel real and they are since I looked them up on Google Maps. That adds to the credibility. I also like that sex scenes were alluded to but not explicit. That makes it read more like an adventure and not cheap smut. Thank you Mark! I hope your book is a huge success and you are encouraged to write a sequel.
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